Solvex® Glove

When you need protection from exposure to liquid and hazardous materials, Solvex® gloves have proven to be a superior choice over rubber or neoprene. Made of a high-performance nitrile compound that provides an outstanding combination of strength and chemical resistance, Solvex® gloves won't swell, weaken, or degrade. And they offer protection against snags, punctures and abrasions! The gloves' soft cotton flock lining absorbs perspiration and feels comfortable on the hand.


  • Specialty: Chemical


  • Preparing and spraying chemical mixtures
  • Handling solvents and cleaners
  • Handling plumbing chemicals


  • High performance nitrile
  • Cotton flock liner


  • Reliable chemical protection
  • Puncture and abrasion protection
  • Moisture absorption


  • Reduced chemical burns and caustic exposure
  • Reduced hand injuries
  • Reduced dermatitis and increased comfort


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