Ansell's ActivArmr® Mason glove offers a superior comfort fit while providing the ultimate protection against extreme stress, fatigue, and abrasions that comes from the most demanding masonry jobs. Using Ansell's patented Knitted Variable Stitch Design with Dyneema®, the ActivArmr® Mason glove provides barehanded dexterity and best in class cut and abrasion protection that is double that of standard leather gloves. Additionally the re-enforced palm leather padding delivers increased durability and impact protection.


  • Handling brick, concrete block, natural and artificial stone
  • Working with trowel and mortar
  • Brickwork, dry masonry, and stonework


  • Knitted Variable Stitch Design
  • Dyneema® Knit
  • Polyurethane palm coating
  • Re-enforced leather palm padding
  • Elastic wrist closure
  • Form-fitting design that matches contours of hand


  • Barehanded feel
  • Cut and abrasion protection that is double standard leather glove
  • Ten times the wear of standard leather gloves
  • Provides extra protection for critical areas of the palm
  • Custom form-fit to wrist
  • Dexterity and comfort no matter what the task


  • Glove does not get in the way of accomplishing tasks, so gloves are worn more often
  • Gloves can be worn for extended periods of time and still provide high levels of protection
  • Gloves can stand up to the task and do not need to be replaced as often
  • Delivers increased durability and impact protection
  • Prevents debris from entering glove
  • Gloves can be used for a wider variety of tasks and are more likely to be worn


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