General Purpose Hi-Viz™ Glove (97-012)

Visibility is a top priority on dangerous jobsites. It can help avoid injuries and save lives. In heavy construction and around heavy machinery, work crews face a high risk of injury and fatality resulting from low-visibility or low-light conditions. ActivArmr® 97-012 General Purpose Hi-Viz™ gloves are specially designed to keep workers safe in low-visibility and low-light environments. And they’re engineered to the core with the industry-leading combination of all-day comfort, dexterity, wet/dry grip and protection that meets the demands of the job.


  • Material handling
  • Maintenance/Repair
  • Flagging/Hand signaling
  • Light carpentry
  • Assembly/Inspection
  • Heavy equipment operation
  • Digging/Trench work
  • General tasks that require visibility in low light

* While these are the most commonly noted tasks, gloves are not limited to them.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Contrast vivid orange color increases visibility and safety
  • Exclusive nitrile foam compound provides excellent wet/dry grip
  • 15-gauge liner design offers tactility/dexterity to complete intricate tasks more efficiently
  • Breathable fabric so hands stay dry and comfortable


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