FR Utility Oil & Gas

ActivArmr Personal Protective Gear from Ansell is designed and engineered for the real-world
extremes of the oil and gas industry. No matter how demanding the conditions, best-in-class
ActivArmr products get the toughest tasks done with confidence.


  • Pipe handling
  • Service and supply duties
  • Chain and cable handling
  • Pumps and pressure lines

Key features and benefits

  • A unique yarn engineered with DuPont Kevlar® fiber provides flame resistance, cut protection
    and static dissipative properties
  • Seamless knit and hand-conforming glove construction improves fit, dexterity and comfort
  • Palm and fingers coated with a flame resistant, neoprene foam to enhance dry and oil grip
  • Premium digital embossed leather on the palm and back of hand enhance durability and
    protection with padding for additional impact protection
  • Provides Hazard/Risk Category (HRC) Level 2 Arc Flash Protection (ATPV) 12 cal/cm2
  • Anti-static materials greatly reduce the chance of static electricity igniting nearby fuels
  • An adjustable wrist strap improves don/doff and interfacing with FRC
  • Available in Black


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