Electrician Glove

The patented ActivArmr® Electrician glove delivers breathable, second-skin dexterity while providing protection against wire punctures, cuts and abrasions. Using Ansell’s patented Knitted Variable Stitch Design (KVSD) with Dyneema®, the ActivArmr® Electrician glove provides a barehanded feel and best in class puncture protection that is two the three times greater than standard electrician gloves. This knit, along with the polyurethane palm coating gives 10 times the wear of standard construction gloves.


  • Wiring boxes
  • Pulling cable
  • Stripping wire
  • Installing conduit
  • Installing circuits and electrical sockets
  • Installing electrical equipment
  • Electrical maintenance and repair services


  • Knitted Variable Stitch Design
  • Dyneema® Knit
  • Polyurethane palm coating
  • Adjustable wrist closure
  • Form-fitting design that matches contours of hand


  • Cut protection two to three times greater than leather gloves
  • Ten times the wear of standard leather gloves
  • Easy donning and doffing
  • Dexterity and comfort no matter what the task


  • Glove does not get in the way of accomplishing tasks, so gloves are worn more often Protection against wire punctures, cuts and abrasions
  • Gloves can stand up to the task and do not need to be replaced as often
  • Gloves are easier to use and more likely to put back on
  • Gloves can be used for a wider variety of tasks and are more likely to be worn


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