Ansell Introduces Activarmr® Flame-Resistant Utility Glove for Military

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hand Protection Solution Delivers 4 Times the Cut Protection of Competitor Gloves and “Second Skin” Comfort and Dexterity1

Iselin, New Jersey  – Upper extremity injuries, often caused by equipment operation and general maintenance, are leading types of non-fatal injuries among military personnel2. Ansell, the world leader in hand protection, introduces the Activarmr® FR Utility glove. The FR Utility glove protects the hands of military personnel in hazardous and unpredictable environments while conducting general mechanics work, including engine maintenance and repair, base camp construction and hauling equipment. Activarmr® FR Utility gloves offer maximum cut protection, flame resistance and dexterity through a “second skin” weight and feel.

 “Hands are a critical piece of equipment for military personnel, but today’s gloves often force wearers to choose between high levels of protection and high levels of dexterity, which leaves hands at a high risk for injury,” said [insert spokesperson]. “We worked directly with servicemen and women across all branches of the military to design the Activarmr® FR Utility glove to meet the specific challenges they face every day.

 Each Activarmr® FR Utility glove is constructed with a seamless, hand-conforming design to optimize dexterity and tactility. Additionally, an advanced liner technology engineered with DuPont Kevlar® fibers offers four times the cut protection of leather drivers and mechanics gloves (ANSI 4)1.  A reinforced construction design in the knuckles and palm and premium digital embossed leather on the palm and back of hand enhances durability and impact protection.

 Activarmr® FR Utility gloves will not melt, shrink or propagate a flame (NFPA 1971 Section 8.6, ASTM D 6413, NFPA 1971 Heat and Thermal Shrinkage Resistance) 1 and provide Hazard/Risk Category (HRC) Level 2 Arc Flash Protection (ATPV 9.5 cal/cm2) 1. A breathable, flame-resistant neoprene coating on the palm and fingers enhances grip and puncture resistance (ANSI 4) 1, while maintaining comfort. For added protection, anti-static materials reduce the chance of static electricity igniting nearby fuels, and an adjustable wrist strap improves don/doff and prevents interfacing with uniforms and wristwatches. A demonstration of the protection characteristics of the Activarmr® FR Utility glove can be viewed at

This glove is compliant with the Trade Agreements Act and may be procured by US military personnel through GSA Advantage!.

About ActivAmr® Gear

Ansell’s Activarmr® Personal Protective Gear is designed and engineered to offer the optimum balance of protection and performance for the real-world extremes of the military, emergency service, oil and gas, mining, and construction industries. No matter how demanding the conditions best-in-class Activarmr® products get the toughest tasks done with confidence. To find out more about Activarmr® Mission Critical Gear, visit

 About Ansell

Ansell is a world leader in providing superior health and safety protection solutions that enhance human well being. With operations in North America, Latin America, EMEA and Asia, Ansell employs more than 10,000 people worldwide and holds leading positions in the industrial and medical gloves markets, as well as in the sexual wellness category worldwide. Ansell operates in four main business segments: Medical Solutions, Industrial Solutions, Specialty Markets and Sexual Wellness.

 Activarmr® is a trademark owned by Ansell Limited or one of its affiliates. Information on Ansell and its products can be found at   Kevlar® is a registered trademark owned by DuPont de Nemours and Company or one of its affiliates.  GSA Advantage! is a trademark of the US Federal Government or one of its affiliates.

1 Results based on Ansell’s internal testing of the Activarmr® FR Utility glove vs. standard leather drivers gloves and common mechanics-style gloves (4/2012 to 9/2012)  Products that provide “cut resistance” and “cut protection” or “puncture resistance” and “puncture protection” do not completely prevent or eliminate the potential for cuts or punctures, and are not intended or tested to provide protection against powered blades, serrated or other sharp or rotating equipment. Products that provide protection against flames or fire are not “fire-proof” and do not completely prevent or eliminate the potential for burns or associated injuries. Products that provide “impact resistance” or “impact protection” do not completely prevent or eliminate the potential for abrasion-related injuries. Users are encouraged to always use caution and care when handling sharp or abrasive materials,  or other hazardous or flamable substances. Product users should conduct all appropriate testing or other evaluations to determine the suitability of Ansell products for a particular purpose or use within a particular environment. Ansell may revise this information as new information, knowledge or experience becomes available. ANSELL DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES OTHER THAN AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED.

 2 Ruscio, B et al. “A Process to Identify Military Injury Prevention Priorities Based on Injury Type and Limited Duty Days.” American Journal of Preventative Medicine. 2004.