Introducing the Ansell Guardian® Program.

Making workers safer and companies more productive - those are the goals of the Ansell Guardian® program which is being offered to an exclusive group of the top US construction companies. Ansell Guardian® serves as a framework for rapid, sustainable operational results through:

Cost performance
Ensuring that the right product is chosen for the right application to maximize performance

SKU management
Minimizing the number of SKUs used

SKU standardization
Ensuring that the right products are used by those who perform like job applications across multiple site locations

Injury prevention
Reducing the risk and cost of employee injury

Optimizing the dispensing, usage and disposal procedures associated with PPE

Educating employees in proper selection, usage and disposal of PPE products

Improving output and eliminating waste

A commitment by your company to implement process improvements that will result in cost savings and increased profits. In return, Ansell will deploy an efficiency and injury reduction expert to your  company to implement the phases of the program.

Phases of the Guardian® Program

Phase One: Analyze

Using research, data collection and best practice surveys, the team identifies areas for operational improvement.

Phase Two: Benchmark

Current performance measures are established as baselines to quantify process improvements and savings.

Phase Three: Improve

Implementation plan is developed for business improvement. Pilot tests, program monitoring and reporting close the gap between existing and desired levels of performance.

Phase Four: Measure

The success of the program is quantified against baseline measurements.

Phase Five: Commit

Company establishes process to ensure improvements made through the Ansell Guardian® program are sustained.

Know what Guardian® can do for you

What does a company have to gain by implementing the Ansell Guardian® program? Real cost savings. Ansell expert will use an advanced, proprietary software system to input a company's current practices and run an analysis on the savings that could be realized with the implementation of the Guardian® best practices.

The Ansell Guardian® program isn’t about philosophies or hypothetical scenarios. When the Guardian® practices have been implemented an analysis will be delivered to your company outlining, in dollars and sense, how cost savings projections have turned into real budget impact.

Ansell research shows companies need direction in choosing the right glove for the work they're doing. After a thorough analysis of the work environment, employee hand protection needs and the PPE budget, Ansell Guardian® participants will receive a glove board which outlines the recommended gloves, including the applications that match up with the properties of each.

Note the Guardian® program is not designed to replace an end user's judgment. Product users should conduct all appropriate testing or other evaluations to determine the suitability of protective equipment for a particular purpose or use within a particular environment.




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